Commercial Fishery - Produkční rybářství
Northern Moravia and Silesia
Production pisciculture in Ostrava region
  • This part of the Northern Moravia and Silesia has a long - time fishery tradition reaching to the 13th century. The largest pond area is situated basin of the Odra river, where work 2 companies: Chov ryb Jistebnik and Denas Studenka.

  • The second centre of the warm-water pond fish culture is the area between Ostrava and Karvina, which is domain of the company Rybarstvi Rychvald.

  • Most of the ponds in district Opava covers the fishery at Dolni Benesov, owner of it is Mr. Miroslav Baslik.

  • In the mountain region of Jeseniky are placed 2 trout culture farms: Rybarstvi Tylov and Pstruharstvi Jaroslav Zalak.

  • The enterprise Rybaspol A + V is wholesaler with fishes and fish food products.

* logo firmy * Chov ryb Jistebnik, s.r.o.
742 82 Jistebnik 393
tel./fax.: +420 / (0)655 / 421334, 421097

This company products marketable fishes, expecting traditional carp so herbivorous fishes as silver carp, big - head carp and white amur, in less amount pike, pike - perch and tench too. The small hatchery ensures the sac fry of carp and pike for the own use and for sale too.

Denas Ltd. Studenka
Druzstevni 246
742 13 Studenka
tel.: +420 / (0)655 / 70277
tel./fax.: +420 / (0)655 / 70172

Denas is a producer of the marketable fishes intent on carp, herbivorous fishes, wels and tench. The part of the sale with marketable fishes and their export in Denas activities is very significant.

* logo firmy * Rybarstvi Rychvald Ltd.
Orlovska 1279, 735 32 Rychvald
tel.: +420 / (0)69 / 9572237
fax.: +420 / (0)69 / 6546224

Besides the marketable fishes, where carp is the main species, its interest intents on production and sales of stock carp and herbivorous fishes and on sport fishing operated on the pond Nový stav and on the gravel - pit lake at Dolní Benešov.

* logo firmy * Miroslav Baslik -
Rybarstvi ve Slezsku

Hajecka 512, 747 22  Dolni  Benesov
tel./fax.: +420 / (0)653 / 651221

Production and sales of carp, silver and bighead carp and white amur. Distributional storage basins at Dolní Benešov.

Dalibor Vojkovsky - Rybarstvi Tylov
Namesti Minoritu 18
794 01 Krnov
tel.: +420 / (0)652 / 710667, 2686
fax.: +420 / (0)652 / 710667, 3014

Trout farm of Mr. Vojkovsky is situated cca 8 km southerly Bruntal by the Moravice river. Production and sale of trout and American char.

Pstruharstvi Jaroslav Zalak - Vrbno pod Pradedem
Mnichov 22
793 26 Vrbno pod Pradedem
tel.: +420 / (0)646 / 751993

Production and sale of marketable trout. To this farm situated in picturesque valley of Cerna Opava river iseparable belongs the seasonal inn (May - September) and angling in small pond.

Rybaspol A + V Ltd. Ostrava - Svinov
Lucni 346
721 00 Ostrava - Svinov
tel.: +420 / (0)69 / 430767
tel./fax.: +420 / (0)69 / 430766

Distributional storage basins for the Ostrava region connected with fish processing manufacture. Cool and deep freeze fish product. Sale in freeze poultry, canned fishes and other food products.

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